1 drawing is equal to 1000 words.

Graphic recording is a powerful tool that condenses conversations, presentations, meetings, workshops and brainstorming sessions into a highly visual map. It's used to highlight key points, making for an attractive and memorable summary.

You talk. We sketch!

We create graphic recordings in real-time, using simple words and drawings. The visuals evolve as the event unfolds, keeping pace with the speaker.


Seeing is remembering.

Visual clues impact how we think, communicate and process information. This is because our brains are naturally wired to process visual information faster. Graphic recordings engage your audience’s visual and auditory senses, allowing them to really focus on the content. In a multilingual country like India, graphic recording helps bridge many language gaps too.

When do you dial the graphic recording helpline?

Using words at your next planning session / vision session / brainstorm / workshop / meeting / presentation?

Just give us a call or send us an email and watch the magic unfold!

Graphic recordings are super-useful!

Think of it as the minutes of a meeting in its coolest form! That means people are keen to pay attention, and it won’t end up in a spam folder. Your audience can refer to it in the future and hold on to it, like a souvenir.

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Ladyfingers.Co is among the first graphic recorders in the country. We’ve been doing this for over 7 years. You could even say our doodles have oodles of experience.

Peak Urban Retreat 2019, IIH, Bangalore
ACU-TISS Summer School, 2021
The Red Dais Series, 2020
Workshop at Accenture, 2019, Bangalore
Design for Economic Resurgence, 2020
On The Frontlines, 2020
“It was wonderful seeing processes of translation crossover divides where words fail, thanks to visual representation. Usually academic work remain hidden in hard to reach archives. Seeing the first stages of the PEAK Urban: Health and Sexuality in Cape Town project being graphically documented was certainly a great exercise to promote understanding and access to research. Thank you Tanvee!”

Neil R. Hassan,
African Centre for Cities

Event : PEAK Urban Project
“We loved working with Tanvee. She took great care in understanding our needs and her sketchnotes helped create an atmosphere conducive to alignment and dialogue. All the participants in our wicked sprint were excited to take their personal sketchnotes home with them - some even asking for the sketchnote to be shipped after they forgot to take it while leaving. We use those images all the time to tell our story. Highly recommended!”

Rajesh Kasturiranjan,

Event : Workshop on Farmer Incomes, Goa
“It's been super fun interacting with Tanvee for the illustrations we wanted for an interactive session for a CSR program. The illustrations she captured of keynote speakers' sessions were well received by the audience and was one of the highlights of the day. More power to team LADYFINGERS to continue creating insightful content that captures the imagination of all. ”

Shalini Rajan,

Event : Design Impact Awards, Titan, Bangalore
“The team at LADYFINGERS did a great job at our team event helping us to capture inputs in a fun and dynamic way – all of the participants enjoyed the session and seeing their ideas and inputs coming to life in the moment. A very professional service and very easy to work with throughout. Being UK based we chatted prior to the event and the communication from the team worked very well – even with the time zone challenges.”

Heather Derrick,
AG Communications

Event : AZ Hackathon, AstraZeneca, Bangalore
“It was such a joy to work with LADYFINGERS on our digital conversation series - On the Front Lines! They genuinely cared about the work they did and were totally committed to capturing the nuance and context of each and every conversation. It's hard to find such a mix of skill, creative intuition, and empathy and I would recommend you collaborate with them too!”

Sartaj Anand,

Event : On The Frontlines, a series of public conversations on the impact of Covid-19
“Rajasee is one of those rare people who steps up to challenges with agility and kindness. Her work is impeccable with a lot of attention to detail delivered on time. On any given day, if it is an assignment which needs creative support, Rajasee would be the first person I'd call.”

Rishabh Lalani,
Independent Consultant

Event : On The Frontlines, a series of public conversations on the impact of Covid-19
“Having Rajasee from LADYFINGERS CO. at our workshop was a huge hit! The participants loved seeing their conversations and work come to life through the sketches she created. The process was immensely useful to ensure everyone felt “heard” and that their contributions were validated. And as a result, they engaged more. The sketches have great uses following the workshop to summarize the output, too! The team was easy to work with, well-tuned with the day objectives and they made the whole experience seamless for everyone.”

Giulia Cappelletti,

Event : Workshop at Accenture, Bangalore
“Tanvee and Rajasee do a fantastic job of creating graphic sketch notes for the events that I have anchored. Their graphic work captures the essence of a discussion or interview in a manner that informs, entertains and delights at the same time. Their ability to quickly understand a domain area and to capture key messages in real time is par excellence. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a LADYFINGERS sketch note with pictures and words is worth much more!”

Suresh Venkat,
Anchor, Moderator

Event : Various Digital Events
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