E-Learning Modules for Critical Thinking

Our involvement with Callido Learning while developing Basecamp and Level-Up was deep and multilayered. From understanding their pedagogy,  editing, rewriting, layout, illustration and basic animation- we were engaged at nearly every level of development.

Basecamp was built for 15-16 yr olds making the crucial jump to IB. Level-Up is pre-university. In both situations it was integral we understand the age group in order to design modules that would keep them engaged. This was achieved through low-cost innovative research from focus groups to reddit surveys.

Engaging writing and content was one thing – but the challenge with the UI was to keep it interesting and fun while still maintaining coherence. Some of this we managed through grids and some through the use of sound. Not only was this project a great learning experience but it was also a unique foray into the world of Instructional Design and UI/UX.


Client: Callido Learning, Mumbai